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WOSEP - Testimonials

Wonderful Resource for Special Education Services

"This is a wonderful resource. "

- Elaine Elaine Hall Vista Inspire Program And The Miracle Project

We knew that our son had a disability but we didn’t realize that he was entitled to educational support from our school district.

Our son is 8 years old in the first grade. For 2 years he was in a private preschool. We enrolled him in our neighborhood public kindergarten at age 5. We knew that our son had a disability but we didn’t realize that he was entitled to educational support from our school district.

All during his first year he was having many difficulties with attention and behavior. At the end of the year we decided to hold him back one year to see if this helped. During his next school year he had the same difficulties. We sent in his nanny to help him during the school day. It did help but she wasn’t trained as a school aide and she was a bit out of her element. That’s when we found A2Z Educational Advocates.

We telephoned the office and were immediately made to feel as if our child’s needs were their top priority. We had an appointment within days which led to our retention of their services. They came to our IEP meetings (I didn’t even know what an IEP was).

With their assistance we were able to get a full time 1:1 trained school aide, additional services for speech and occupational therapy and resource. They also helped us to get reimbursed for the money spent sending the nanny to the school. We have been very pleased with our representation by A2Z and won’t go to any IEP meetings without them.

- Mom of J.R.

Thanks to Jane and to WOSEP for making this valuable introduction, which has furthered my career and facilitated a lovely friendship, as well.

Approximately one year ago, I attended the Autism Speaks walk in Pasadena.  There, I met Jane DuBovy who invited me to the first WOSEP tea in Huntington Gardens. I sat next to a lovely developmental psychologist, Dr. Ester Hess, and we struck up a conversation.  

She was gearing up to open a new multidisciplinary center, the Center for the Developing Mind.  I came on board and now work in her center as an Occupational Therapist mainly using a Sensory Integrative philosophy and the DIR/Floortime approach with my clients.  Thanks to Jane and to WOSEP for making this valuable introduction, which has furthered my career and facilitated a lovely friendship, as well.

- Rebekah Tolin, OTR/L
  pediatric occupational therapist

With A2Z on our side we knew we could feel at ease...

I would like to thank Jane, Mandy & Carry for being on our side when we were most vulnerable. With A2Z on our side we knew we could feel at ease in knowing that our son’s Special Education needs would be met and that A2Z would ensure that his rights would be protected. Our bond went beyond that of agency defending a client but that of family defending family. We can’t thank you enough for providing us with that special support when we needed it the most – that kind of attention & assistance is priceless.
Warmest regards,
Danny & Luisa Delgadillo

Our purpose is to help individuals find information and professionals in the Southern California region for special education services. Please visit our directory for a listing of professionals in the following areas:

We provide the following services: Advocate, Attorney, Behavior Therapy, Biomedical Interventions, Cognitive Rehabilitation, Educational Consultant, Educational Therapy, Inclusion Support, Legal Services, Medical Doctor, Neuropsychological Assessments, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Psychoeducation Assessments, Recreational Therapy, School Director, Social Skills Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, and Tutoring

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Featured Professional

A2Z Educational Advocates

During this past year A2Z's team has become very active in the special education community. I want to take this opportunity to fill you in on our involvement.

Carrie Watts has been a part of A2Z for over 12 years. For the 2014-2015 year, she served as Chair of the Board of Directorsof COPAA, a national civil rights organization dedicated to special education advocacy, and she will continue on the Executive Committee of COPAA for the coming year. In addition, she has created the blogs and tweets for A2Z to manage our social network presence online.

Mandy Favaloro has been a part of A2Z for over 10 years. Currently she is one of the Co-Chairs of COPAA’s Conference Committee, which put together the Annual Conference being held next month, March 5-8 in San Diego. In addition, Mandy is an instructor for COPAA’s Special Education Advocacy Training (SEAT) program and Co-Chair of COPAA’s Training Committee. Both Carrie and Mandy have given several talks on all aspects of special education both nationally and locally.

In addition to this core group there are 3 incredibly talented additions to our team. Cristina Guerin, is a paralegal who has taken on the task of managing all the due process cases, including scheduling, researching and client contact. Jessica Brown-Clark, is an advocate currently taking the SEAT training. She manages all the experts for IEE's and records for all our clients and attends IEP meetings. Diana Martinez, our bi-lingual advocate conducts telephonic intakes and reaches out to the Hispanic community to insure there is awareness of the rights of children with Spanish speaking parents and attends IEP meetings with Spanish-speaking clients.

I have expanded A2Z's focus to include representation of young adults in qualifying for Regional Center services under the 5th category based on a diagnosis of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. It is a challenge since this developmental disability is just coming to the forefront in recognizing how prevalent it is, especially among the adopted children population.

jane dubovy

Jane DuBovy

MA Psychology; Attorney; Mediator; Speaker

Services: Advocate, Attorney, Legal Services,
Practice Area: Due Process Representation, Parent Consultation, Regional Center, Speaker,
Geographic Service Area: Los Angeles County; Orange Count; Simi Valley; Monrovia; Whittier; Long Beach; South Bay; Santa Clarita; Las Virgenes; Loma Linda; Torrance; Santa Monica Malibu; Pasadena; Arcadia; Moorpark
Years in Practice: 27
Languages Spoken: English, Spanish
Ages Served: 0-22 years
Phone: 310-573-1430
Fax: 310-573-1425
Location: 881 Alma Real, Suite 309,
Pacific Palisades, CA, 90272




Special Education Southern California

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